Alexia Parks – Keynote Speaker

 * Virtual Mentor With The United Nations; mentor to the Goldman Sachs/Fortune 2014 Global Woman Leaders Award Winner * Wrote for The Washington Post the national desk  * Called “One of 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet” by Newsweek Magazine * Author  * Founder, Alexia Parks 10 TRAITS Leadership Development

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Hi, I’m Alexia Parks, founder of the 10 TRAITS Global Leadership Program. We offer the ONLY leadership training programs in the world based on the New Science of the FEMALE brain. These training programs are based on 10 natural leadership traits hardwired in the female brain. Recently I had a chance to demonstrate the SUCCESS of these techniques. As a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, the young woman leader I worked with won First Prize at the Fortune Magazine Goldman Sachs “Most Powerful Women In the World” Summit. … Drawing upon neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and cybernetics, you learn how to use your neuroplastic brain to drive your own body chemistry in any direction you choose, in order to strengthen and increase your capacity for SUCCESS in any endeavor you choose. Are you ready to express your full potential? If so, let’s get started! 

Alexia Parks 10 TRAITS Transforming Society And The Workplace  (7-min video) –