FINE DINING ON $5-A-DAY – For Life, Health and Happiness

FINE DINING ON $5-A-DAY  23 Ingredients to eat and repeat, twice daily, for Life, Health and Longevity. Dr a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND LONGEVITY REPORT – 1/14/19 Mother Nature gave us so many wonderful ingredients to enjoy, why limit yourself to just 23? Here’s why: When you eat and repeat this same meal twice a day, it will both simplify your life and save you money, while lifting you to a higher level of health, fitness, and happiness. FINE DINING on $5-A-Day offers a shopping list of 23 ingredients that combine to create a 5-Star dining experience. First, it looks like a meal you might be served at the best restaurants in town. Second, it’s low cost, with off-the-shelf produce and local products that give a boost to the local economy. Third, every bite is delicious. It offers a burst of pleasure that turns your dining experience into pure joy. I’m saying this from personal experience. As a person who has spent a lifetime dining out 80% of the time, I’ve now switched to dining at home, enjoying the same meal twice a day for the last 50-days. Over the years, our kitchen as been the test kitchen for Dr Joel, who has been dining alone, most of the time, because the dishes he prepared were too spartan for me. Finally, after 50 years of experimentation, he has finally come up with a recipe that I love and enjoy every day, twice daily. For me, these 23 ingredients have become the GOLD standard for a good meal. It is the meal that I compare with all other meals, and...





“We were trained to believe that there always are winners and losers. We all can be winners.”

 Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC

“I’ve observed that often, in times of crisis, women eventually are called upon to sort out the mess, face the difficult issues and be completely focused on restoring the situation.”  ~ Christine Lagarde, IMF

From zero to 30% “A 30% female share is associated with a 15% increase in profitability for a typical firm.” ~ Marcus Noland, Peterson Institute

UPGRADE Your Decision Making. The enterprise Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) – created to address the issue of improved decision making in FORTUNE 50 companies – has now been UPDATED to incorporate the Alexia Parks 10TRAITS™ Tool. “It leverages the dynamic synergy of natural gender trait differences between men and women to help leaders make better decisions.” ~ Bob Bergman, Fmr. INTEL/MIT

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 * Virtual Mentor With The United Nations; mentor to the Goldman Sachs/Fortune 2014 Global Woman Leaders Award Winner * Wrote for The Washington Post the national desk  * Called “One of 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet” by Newsweek Magazine * Author  * Founder, Alexia Parks 10 TRAITS Leadership and KEYNOTE SPEAKER.

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Founder and CEO of the 10TRAITS Leadership Institute, Alexia Parks has developed a new science-based model of leadership for creating a Trait Balanced Organization™.  She is the inventor of the 10TRAITS tool. It is a digital on-demand tool that can be used to strengthen relationships, resolve conflicts and improve decision-making in 1-Minute. 10TRAITS GET Smarter Together training Learning Series includes experiential 1-Minute exercises.  Our research shows that trait balanced teams contributes to the enhanced quality of decision making and improved overall company performance both in terms of financial gain and better risk management. Ultimately, managers are tested and evaluated in terms of their success in making decisions. 10TRAITS leadership development programs are available online, in person, and accredited.

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