How are you feeling right now? On a scale of one to five stars, how would you rate how you feel right now?

If you rated yourself at three stars or less, you are not alone. According to a report by the Conference Board, 49% the US workforce is unhappy. What makes them the most unhappy about their work? According the the report, the three at the top of the employees list are: the company’s promotion policy, the bonus plan, and the performance review process.

Add to that a constant workload that forces many employees to cut back on vacation time, and the lack of on-demand education/job training programs that helps the workforce keep pace with a rapidly changing workplace.

So what will companies have to do to improve the worklife of their employees especially millennials?

Smart, resilitant companies that are able to pivot the fastest will begin to assemble a suite of accelerated learning tools that offer both on-demad actionable advice, and a moment of clarity like a walk in Nature so the user can take a moment to decide on the next steps to take.

Here’s What Happens When You Walk in Nature

Do you feel more relaxed, upbeat and happy? Yes. Here’s why. When walking on a trail in Nature, your left brain, logical brain is busy concentrating on the trail to keep you upright. It is focused on challenges or obsticles that lie just ahead: a stick on the path that might cause you to trip and fall; a pothole.

Your right brain is also fully occupied. It is busy taking in all of the surroundings: your destination, the foliage that surrounds you, the weather conditions overhead. Will it be a hike under sunny skies? Rain or snow?

When your left and right brain are fully occupied, they engage your emotional brain. In that moment of fully engagement, you drop all emotional baggage related to problems in the workplace or your life.

What Words Do You Think Of When You Are Happy?

How are you feeling right now? As an inventor, and UN Mentor who mentored the Fortune Magazine #1 Award winner for social impact at their 2014 “Most Powerful Women in the World Summit” I even added some of my own best advice Lto give you a timely boost.

In a world of constant change, your job is to stay sane. Right now, take a moment to focus on how you feel when you feel happy. Trust that.