Countdown 11.25.18: Trump will face a new G-20 trade challenge with China this week. In an effort to reshape public behavior, China is rolling out a new top-down “Carrot and Stick” approach to the public education of its 1.4 billion citizens. China’s new “social credit system” – already affecting millions of Chinese – is a way for the government to reward or punish people or organizations based on their “trustworthiness.” According to news reports: “If you’re the kind of person who volunteers or donates blood, you’ll be awarded credit points. If you’re getting speeding tickets, charging “under-the-table” fees, posting “fake news” online, smoking in non-smoking zones, or buying too many video games, you’ll be punished.”

Will China’s public education program extend to shape individual energy use, the extraction of natural resources such as coal, and the country’s growing air pollution problem? The Chinese government’s analysis of its citizens also includes how they act on buses, how they drive, and how the customers of local businesses rate them.
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