Alexia Parks 10 TRAITSALEXIA PARKS – 10TRAITS Founder, CEO, and Speaker. Inventor, award winning entrepreneur and United Nations Mentor. As a United Nations Mentor, Alexia Parks mentored the young leader who became the #1 Goldman Sachs/Fortune Most Powerful Woman in the World Award Winner in 2014.  Alexia Parks is also the inventor of the patent-pending Alexia Parks Gender Equality Scale™ and power tools – used with this #1 award winner – that form the basis of 10TRAITS rapid training system. She formerly wrote for the national desk of The Washington Post. In 1995, Alexia Parks was named one of Newsweek’s “50 Who Matter Most on the NET” for her launch of one of the first electronic democracy websites on the Internet. Wikipedia / Alexia Parks CV 2018.

Alexia Parks patent-pending invention and leadership development programs are intuitive. They are for everyone. Science-based, they are based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, including neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, and both cultural and physical anthropology.  10TRAITS complete solution for corporations and employees offers the ONLY patent-pending power tools in the world that leverage the dynamic synergy of natural gender trait differences between men and women to help leaders make better decisions.

DR. JOEL RAUCH (Rauchwerger M.D.) – Co-Founder. What makes Dr. Rauch unique in his field is his vast knowledge of science, medicine, brain function, nutrition, biochemistry and psychology, as well as the fundamentals of whole body health, the micro biome, a ketogenic lifestyle, human psychology, stress management, and biofeedback. Dr. Joel has had a life long interest in work/life balance and how to strengthen the Immune System to prevent, reduce, or reverse most disease.  As a medical doctor and an expert in whole body health and nutrition. Dr. Joel was on the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, and worked with the world famous cardiologist and heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey. He was also part of the team of medical doctors who worked on the case of the “Baby in the Bubble.” He wrote the first book linking stress and cancer in 1977.


MEGAN EDWARDS RN + COO. Megan Edwards became a Commissioned Officer in the Canadian Military at age 18; eventually becoming a Captain. She holds a degree in Interpersonal / Organizational Communications and English and is a Registered Nurse (RN). Megan’s expertise also provides support for private sector corporations and public sector institutions with developing quality control and change management programs. She combines high level communication and healthcare skills with operational management and the flexible mindset of an entrepreneur. Megan formerly owned and operated a franchise within a globally recognized health and fitness franchise corporation.


ROBERT L. BERGMAN – Consulting Services. Robert “Bob” Bergman is an engineer, a futurist, and whole systems decision-making expert. He graduated from MIT and worked on decision-making for INTEL for 30-years. He logged more than 2-Million miles and managed 5-decision-making meetings a day around the world. Robert Bergman took charge of the patent process for the Alexia Parks Gender Equality Scale and also incorporated it in the enterprise Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) – created to address the issue of improved decision making in FORTUNE 50 companies. Both are patent-pending. The AHP process can now leverage the dynamic synergy of natural gender trait differences between men and women to help leaders make better decisions.

10TRAITS is a new paradigm company. Our patent-pending tools and improved decision making process offer instant access, instant results, and instant benefits for everyone. Contact us here.