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I think this has tremendous societal and intra company value.” Jonathan Ewing, Esq., AERO LAW CenterNext Level Mediation

2018 Summer/Fall Courses in Boulder, CO: Highland City Club & Chautauqua

April 24 & May 21: G.E.T. Smarter Together™ 1-Minute Training: Team Builder. (Lunch/Learn)

Choose: June 19-20 or July 26-27. A 2-Day Training Retreat in Boulder, CO. Experience the Power of Your 10 TRAITS. Accredited for professional development.

10TRAITS G.E.T. Smarter Together 1-Minute Training Series offers an instant transfer of knowledge.

Applications include: Conflict resolution, strengthen relationships, team building, and improved decision-making.

10TRAITS patent-pending learning process shifts the focus from gender and labels to traits and trait-balancing to unlock and maximize human potential and to create highly productive, highly successful teams, sustainably.

In 1-minute, experience the dynamic synergy of 10 pair of complementary, opposite, equally powerful traits. Use this learning process to help boost personal and team success. 

The learning process is research based and based on a dozen fields of science that include: neurobiology, split brain research, evolutionary psychology and both cultural and physical anthropology, cybernetics, epigenetics and more. 10TRAITS G.E.T. Smarter Together ™ toolkit helps you become more confident, successful, and focused.

It’s YOUR Choice:

1. Alexia Park’s 90-minute talk and experiential workshop 
2. Desktop Gender Equality Tool or APP
3. Online 10TRAITS 10-module training program with mentorship
4. A package deal that includes all of the above.

Choose: 2-CEU, Certificate of Completion, or 2- CREDIT University certification. Accredited by Colorado State University and other participating organizations.

Are you a CITY? Become a Knowledge Transfer Station.™ Interested? Ask about it here.

10TRAITS is more than enhancing communication skills and effective leadership, it is also about passion, meaning and purpose. It’s about instantaneous public exposure, inter-disciplinary knowledge, and cross-cultural connections.

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