• 67% of college graduates are women (New York Times)
  • 72% of class valedictorians in 2011 were women (Women Will Rule the World; Newsweek)
  • In the 21st Century, BRAINS count a lot more than brawn. “The Importance of Sex.” (The Economist)
  • In Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia, the vast majority of college graduates are female. (Newsweek)
  • The highest glass ceiling has been shattered. The Guardian
  • “Studies show that women are more likely to spend money on improving health, education, infrastructure and the eradication of poverty and less likely to waste it on tanks and bombs.” (The Economist)
  • Today’s economic growth is driven by women. (The Economist)
  • American women hold 89 percent of U.S. bank accounts and 51% of all personal wealth. (Influence, authors: Maddy Dychtwald, Christine Larson)
  • “Women are the biggest emerging market in the history of the planet – more than twice the size of India and China combined. It’s a seismic change, and by all indications, it will continue”. (Influence)
  • American women are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases.
  • Forget India, China, and the internet. The economic power of the world is now in the hands of women. (The Economist)
  • A woman’s natural leadership style is mentor-leadership. It is collaborative.
  • Women want to mentor and empower others.
  • “Women are a national asset.” (Nancy Koehn, Harvard Business professor)
  • Women are hardwired by evolution with the traits of a great leader. (Hardwired – The 10 Traits of Women, author Alexia Parks)
  • The primary love of women? Women are hardwired to affirm life. They have a natural love of people, diversity, and community. (Oxford University, University College of London, Hardwired – The 10 Traits)
  • The primary love of men? Tools, technology, and inanimate objects. (Oxford University, Univ. College of London, Hardwired The 10 Traits)
  • The Leadership GENE. Scientists Find DNA Sequence Associated With Leadership (Lead scientist Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, from University College London, and Alexia Parks, Hardwired The 10 Traits)

Women in Business:

  • Is Gender Diversity Profitable? Peterson Institute for International Economics and EY
  • Faith Popcorn on the Corporate Man Cave. Faith Popcorn Brain Reserve
  • 75% of the future workforce and consumers will not be white males. (James Turley, CEO Ernst & Young, Bloomberg)
  • CEOs name top leadership traits that favor women. BBC – Capital
  • Only 16% of board members of mid-to-large U.S. businesses are women. (Bloomberg News)
  • The European Union plans 40% boardroom quotas for women. (New York Times)
  • Companies with women as directors are more successful. (Bloomberg)
  • Women need more business support. In the U.S. only 20% of firms with revenues over $1 million are women owned. (Council of PR Firms)
  • However, female-owned small businesses, now just 16% of total U.S. employment, will be responsible for creating one-third of the 15.3 million new jobs by 2018. (Forbes; US Labor Bureau)
  • Of 8 million new jobs created in the EU since 2000, 75% went to women. (Newsweek)
  • Women are becoming more educated and exhibiting leadership skills, yet few are elected or invited into key decision-making roles.
  • “Women are slowly running out of patience everywhere.” Viviane Reding EU Justice Commissioner.
  • “There must be an increase in the number of leadership positions open to women.” calls for 25% women on FP500 boards by 2017.
  • “There needs to be a measurement of goals and milestones met.” (Catalyst)
  • Your Amazing Career Starts Now, it’s your turn to lean-in.
  • Elevate Your Career, Levo League is a community dedicated to the career success of Gen Y women.
  • Leadership from the Foot of the Table

Women in Politics:

  • A historic win in 2012, yet only 17% of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives are women. 20% in the Senate.
  • The U.S. ranks #79 in the world in terms of women leaders in government.
  • 50 Democracies. There are 50 democracies around the world that have a higher ranking than the U.S. (Women in Parliaments; Inter-Parliamentary Union)
  • Why 56%? It is a tipping point.
  • Rwanda ranks #1 in the world, with 56% women in parliament.
  • The Rwanda story illustrates this point: “More women in government would shift government monies away from tanks & bombs to education, healthcare, infrastructure and the eradication of poverty.” (The Economist magazine)
  • In the U.S., only 277 women have been elected to the U.S. Congress vs 12,000 men, since 1920.
  • Women need confidence boosting and leadership training. (Men Rule – a report by The Women & Politics Institute, School of Public Affairs, at American University; & Loyola Marymount University. 2012)
  • Women need to be “invited” or “asked” to lead. (Men Rule, report)
  • Empowering women as leaders – The 56% Campaign asks: “Do you know a woman who should run for public office?

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MORE LINKS to Articles & Books:

Hardwired – The 10 Major Traits of Women Hardwired by Evolution That Can Save the World – Author, Alexia Parks (Purchase the book on Amazon)

19 Percent of Congress is Female. Why not half? – Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones

Influence – How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better – Maddy Dychtwald, and Christine Larson

The End of Men The Beginning of Women – Hanna Rosin, senior editor The Atlantic, co-founder of Slate’s Double X

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. This book by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Will Be Published in March 2013 by Knopf. Sheryl Sandberg wrote it “to encourage women to aspire to and pursue leadership roles.” It reflects on Ms. Sandberg’s own personal and professional experiences and discusses the latest research on equality in the workplace.