world_needs_nurturing_and_collaborationIf you, like me, wake up every day wondering what single action you can take to help solve the problem of the 2,400 migrant children separated from their parent(s), here are three ideas I came up with that are starting to attract attention:
IDEA #1: The 3-Meter Tech Solution: Lawyers in collaborate with tech smart what3words and Google Earth, could identify the specific location of each child within 3 meters and give them a wrist band with their own unique three words embossed on it. Take a photo of each child showing their three-word wrist band, then do the same with their parent(s).
IDEA #2: The StartUp Village Project: If a safe return to their home country is possible –  where poverty, not violence, was the reason for leaving – migrant families could be provided with a 5-year-guaranteed income to live in a new *startup village.* This would require an agreement by the government of the country and skills training. For example, THIS location in Guatemala. The cost would be in the millions, not billions, and recognize America’s role in creating an unnecessary humanitarian crisis and PTSD and separation anxiety that could last a lifetime for these migrant families.
IDEA #3: CANADA’S new immigration program. This easy to implement program could also work in America. In the U.S.  a reunited family would be released from custody await legal determination in the U.S. if they are able to secure five sponsors, using Matchmaking technology.
Alexia Parks, inventor of the Gender Equality Tool and G.E.T. Smarter Together 1-Minute Learning Tool, is Founder and CEO of 10TRAITS Leadership Institute.