G.E.T. Smarter Faster is based on the synergy of 10 powerful feminine traits that are the complementary opposite of 10 equally powerful masculine traits. When these traits are placed in a dynamic synergy, they unlock untapped potential that has been suppressed and polarized in both men and women.

Alexia Parks GET Smarter Faster talk and workshop includes an experiential session with the 1-Minute Evaluation Tool. Everyone in the room experiences it at the same time. Everyone gains benefits.

Use it to strengthen relationships, reduce conflict, shed hidden bias and improve decision-making.

Good relationships, of course, give us more freedom to focus on our goals and opportunities because we are spending less time and energy overcoming the problems associated with negative relationships.

10TRAITS structural framework for decision-makers leverages-natural trait-based differences in order to strengthen relationships and reduce conflict, sustainably. Facilitators are trained at the  10TRAITS Leadership Institute to help use this framework to create trait-balanced organizations

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BIO: Alexia Parks is founder of 10TRAITS Leadership Institute, inventor of the Gender Equality Tool,-and a UN Mentor. Alexia was called “One of 50 people who matter most on the NET,” by Newsweek magazine for her launch of Votelink, one of the first electronic democracy systems on the Internet “ She formerly wrote for the national desk of The Washington Post. Alexia’s science-based work lies at the interface of technology, biochemistry, and human potential.