Day 49: Today’s goal is to establish new healthy habits. It’s time for YOU to become the center of your attention. Ready to start? Then stop for a moment and turn your attention inward. Shine a light on that part of yourself that may have been ignored or take for granted, perhaps for years, by you: Your INNER you. 

Take a moment to put aside all distractions and focus on yourself. This personal focus “turns on” your inner light. It offers you a moment to discover where your personal power and potential really comes from. It comes from the daily actions you are willing to take to maintain or strengthen your health.

If you’ve ever traveled by air, you know that every air traveler is reminded to: “Put your own face mask first before helping others.” This basic safety rule can also be applied to today’s challenge: Stay healthy!

As a starting point, discover the power of sending tiny messages of encouragement to yourself. It’s like an “inner email” from you to yourself. Your spoken or whispered messages of thanks, gratitude and love can be as simple as:

“Hello my heart. I love you.”

“Good morning my miracle brain.”

“Good GUT, how are you feeling today?”

What you are displaying here is your natural leadership qualities of nurturing and compassion 

If you’re interested, here is how I have turned a focus on health and healthy habits into a 1-minute list of daily affirmations. They are now part of a mini-exercise routine – inspired by my partner Dr. Joel – that begins with:

I’m constantly growing every day,

I’m constantly learning every day,

I’m constantly aware of my health, on every level.

I’m constantly aware of my life affirming potential.

I’m constantly making the right choices for my health and for my body.

I’m constantly feeding my brain with the best of human knowledge.

And I use my social mind to collaborate with others, for the common good.

I’m free of negativity in any shape or form, and …

I’m a great problem solver, on every level.

Alexia Parks is president of 10TRAITS Leadership Institute: Offering 1-Minute conflict resolution tools, research, and trait-based training programs for improved decision-making and organizational success.