Day 41: Here is today’s three-part challenge: (1) Write down a single word that describes how you are FEELING when you are performing at your PEAK, that is, at your personal BEST.

Do words like excited, passionate,or  joyful come to mind? Think of a word that describes this feeling best for you and write it down.

(2) Think of a second word that describes how you FEEL when you are excited, passionate or joyful, … or whatever word you have chosen and write this second word down. Now add the second word to the end of this sentence:

Whenever I feel (FIRST WORD), I also feel (SECOND WORD). For example: “Whenever I feel joyful, I also feel confident!

(3) On a scale of 1-5 STARS with five being the best, rate yourself right now. Then, in one sentence, describe what is happening at this very moment to make you feel this way. If you like, you can write down the date and time of day. What time is it right now?

Today’s challenge can be easily shared with family and friends. It can also be turned into a daily habit. The only cost, this #BlackFriday is your time.

Alexia Parks is CEO of and serves as Chair of 10TRAITS Institute. 10TRAITS offers 1-Minute conflict resolution tools, research, and trait-based training programs for improved decision-making and organizational success. This blog is Day 41 of a series called Countdown: A 50-Day Personal Leadership Challenge.