Over history there have been numerous examples of the power of collective human compassion to lift humanity up and bring us closer together.
The dramatic Thai Cave Rescue of all 12 Wild Boar soccer team members perhaps offers us the most powerful example yet.. What stands out most, I believe, is the remarkable ability of the entire group to overcome what seemed like unsurmountable odds
With LIFE lessons in mind, here are some of my thoughts on what has been called “a miracle” that may provide some personal insights and inspiration for you.
  1. The CONTEXT: The mission the international team of divers and volunteers set out to accomplish was accomplished! Their personal focus became a global focus thanks to the 24/7 coverage by global news media and social media shares. Sharing live updates, the news media became a powerful force for GOOD by keeping the world focused on the same goal: Everyone safe.
  2. The most important lesson we learned is this: Stay connected! Live by the rule “one for all and all for one.” No one is safe until ALL are safe.We are all part of a larger ecology of life. Everyone and everything is connected.
  3. Like the soccer team, each of us will be tested. An old truth is still true today: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
  4. We are each on a hero’s journey. This is the time of our rapid transformation.
  5. Stay strong! Through our thoughts, words and actions each one of us can become the change we want to see in the world.
While many news reporters are speculating on the long term mental impacts facing the Wild Boar team members and their coach, I predict that they will emerge stronger, more focused and more confident: HEROS all. Rescuers and volunteers included.
I’ll write more about science and research-based reasons for this soon.
In the meantime, please feel free to share your comments on how the Thai Cave Rescue has impacted your own life.
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