The story of women from the dawn of human history to modern times, evolved in community and at the hearth. Because of this, the social mind of the female brain has evolved in ways that are uniquely suited to manage the complexities of today’s volatile, interconnected world.

The social mind of today’s modern women, like women over history, is able to understand the unmet, unspoken needs of others, and freely express emotions.

Women, are highly skilled at social communication to the benefit of the larger community.
Over millennia, the skills associated with social networking, including a woman’s ability to interact with, collaborate with others, and balance out the diverse interests of others.

Why are these skills urgently needed in the world today?

Because the networking, community-building, social skills of the female mind makes it easy for women to cooperate and collaborate with others. They are able to interacts with others and balance out the diverse interests of others.

A story in the Huffington Post on the rise of an empire of women as community leaders in Syrian refugee camps offers a modern day example of this and calls out to our humanity, our human-kindness, for support.

To date, The Kayany Foundation, led by its founder Nora Jumblatt, and in partnership with the American University of Beirut and UNESCO, has built five schools so far, including an all-girls high school. The all-girls school was created in the summer of 2015, in partnership with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafza on her 18th birthday.

Alexia Parks, author and Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, is founder of Alexia Parks 10 TRAITS Leadership Institute. 10 TRAITS offers the first and only global model of leadership in the world today based on the female brain. It was designed to empower the next generation of leaders – across all countries and cultures – as leaders.