Everyone who has seen the statue of the fearless girl standing strong and confident in full view of the raging bull statue , understand the importance of women and girls becoming more confident and fearless. And almost tourist who has visited the Wall Street District in New York City to have their photo taken with fearless girl amplify the power of her message. She has faced down critics and city policy regarding art on public art, and won.

In the end, it’s her IMAGE that resonates with us. We feel her power at GUT level. We become more powerful and more fearless because we have seen her, perhaps placed a hand on her, or been photographed with her. She invites all of us, people of all ages – regardless of gender – to become more fearless. We are moved by her pose. It reminds us stand up and speak up about what we value most in life. It connects us to each other, as one human community.

Look at the image of raging bull, wearing a pink scarf. Does “he” really look that fierce? To me, his look conveys an image of equal power. Like fearless girl, he is showing the power and energy of life. And her PINK hat? In this photo, it serves as a reminder that on January 21, 2017 the power of the Women’s March resonated with both men and women around the world.

In fact, one of her strongest supporters is a man. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says, “Fearless Girl Statue is Staying Put.”