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As a thought leader, an award-winning entrepreneur, United Nations Mentor and Founder of 10TRAITSAlexiaParksImage01 Leadership , Alexia Parks is the inventor of the Gender Equality Tool. It is based on 40-years worth of research across a constellation of sciences including: neurobiology, neuroscience, the neuroplastic brain, split-brain research, hormonal research, the psychology of perception and both cultural and physical anthropology. She is a recognized global expert on gender equality and leadership.

Alexia Parks has appeared as an expert on national, international TV news, in TIME magazine, served as communications director for a New York City trade group representing 100 major daily newspaper publishers. She formerly wrote for the national desk of The Washington Post.

2010 – Present

•President, Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute a 501 (c3) non-profit organization. 10TRAITS programs are accredited by Colorado State University, offering 2- CEU and 2-Credits University level in two areas: professional development in leadership (EDU) and in the healthcare field.

•Co-Founder, Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership LLC. Developed 10TRAITS rapid training process based on neurobiology, cybernetics and epigenetics. Led a small team including a medical doctor, a former INTEL engineer and whole systems decision-making expert and software developers to create programs and app(s) to improve decision-making.

•One of 12 people selected from 800 applicants selected to serve as a United Nations Habitat Mentor to a young woman leader from the Global South.

•Served as mentor for 18-months to the #1 Award Winner of the Goldman Sachs/ Fortune “Most Powerful Woman of the Year” Summit, 2014.

•Author. Producer of 10TRAITS Optimum Health Series – A Whole Body Health and Self- Care Medical Library in 10 DVDs. (2010). Topics included: Feeding Your Miracle Brain, Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity, Easy Weight Loss and Control, The New Nutrition, Super HIGH Energy, Tuning Up Your Digestive System, How to Buy and Use Supplements, “Super” Foods, How to Get A GOOD Night’s Sleep, Nutrition for Seniors.

2000 – 2010

  • Executive Director, Founder of The Education Exchange Network
  • Developed Focus on Success: Teachers as Mentors. A professional development program designed to be delivered across school districts, nationwide.
  • Trained several 1,000 educators, counselors, social workers and administrators in California and Colorado to learn and then apply mentoring skills to all students in the classroom.
  •   Focus on Success Training Programs accredited by Colorado State University.

•10 Golden Rules That Guide Loving Families is a book and training program co-authored by Alexia Parks and designed to teach mentoring skills to parents.

•10 Golden Rules That Guide Loving Families was approved as a court-ordered training program for divorcing parents in the state of Colorado.

•Consulted with Mayor Frank Cownie of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, and staff to organize, lead and report on results from an Energy Futures: Community Energy Planning Process.

•First accredited blogger on Climate Change for the – BALI (2007) – UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

•Author of 13 books ( in TIME Magazine, New York Post, Glamour, the Montel Williams TV Show, and other national news media. Her book: An American GULAG was consider a “must read” by Howard Davidson. Davidson started the American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law and retired from the ABA in 2015.


  • Internet Innovations.  Alexia Parks toured the country and talked to regional groups of city managers. Her tour was funded by the Innovations Groups Inc. Recognizing the power of the Internet as a way for city governments to do business online with the public, Alexia introduced them to online images of how a handful of cities were beginning to conduct public business on the Internet. She was accompanied by Mark Glover, then Senior Vice-President and Manager of Consulting Services for Innovation Groups Inc. and spoke to city managers whose communities were also members of the National League of Cities.
  • As CEO of Alexia Parks collaborated with the Congress-funded National Student Parent MOCK Elections to produce a free, online version of Election 1996. It was linked to Secretary of State offices in all 50 states. Focus: Online voting on timely issues.
  • Called “One of 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet” by Newsweek magazine. Alexia Parks, CEO, Votelink – the Voice of the ‘Net “ – As one of the first electronic democracy website on the Internet. Won numerous awards. See: Wikipedia.

Prior to 1995:  

New York City (NYC) Publisher: VISION USA a newspaper insert highlighting trends in the field of education, healthcare, learning and the workplace.

Creator. Co-Founder with Robert Swartz of “Tarrytown 100.” Invited by Bernie Goldhirsh, publisher of INC magazine to write about it. Mentored by Gifford Pinchot III inventor of the concept of intrapreueurship with his wife.

Developed an ENERGY FUTURES CONFERENCE for Communities for the City of Boulder, CO. which resulted in the first* “Green Building and Green Points Program” in the U.S. Presented the program to Funded by the US Department of Energy to document the process for distribution to cities across the country.

Founder: Boulder Study Trails. Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist: Energy Hotline.

Personal Interests: Hiking, Swimming, Bicycling, Traveling, Children and Grandchildren