Alexia Parks Biography

Alexia Parks is the Founder, President and CEO of the 10 TRAITS Leadership InstituteShe is also a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, and an award-winning technology entrepreneur. She is recognized as a thought leader and world expert on women’s leadership and empowerment.  Alexia’s groundbreaking work is based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science.  She has created a new model of leadership based on creating a dynamic synergy between 10 pair of traits found in the masculine and feminine brain. The mission of the Alexia Parks 10 TRAITS Institute is to train everyone how to unlock and maximize their full potential for optimum performance levels and organizational success.

Using a 1-minute evaluation tools and  training programs,  the Institute focuses participants on strengthening 10 natural leadership traits to accelerate productivity and decision-making without sacrificing quality or effeciency.

These 10 traits are complementary opposite and equally powerful.  In her GET Smarter Faster, in 1-Minute TALK, Alexia Parks shows how 10 natural traits found in the feminine brain can be embraced by both men and women. They are uniquely able to accelerate both the speed and efficiency of team building and decision-making in order to manage the complexities of today’s volatile, interconnected, technology driven world.  By creating a new model of leadership based on the dynamic synergy of TRAITS and trait-balancing within a structural framework, corporations can help ALL employees, educators can invite ALL students, and parents can teach their children how to unlock and maximize their full potential 

As a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations UN-Habitat YouthFund, she was assigned to work with African woman leader Rehmah Kasule. Rehmah became the Fortune/Goldman Sachs First Place Winner, Global Woman Leader 2014 at the “Most Powerful Women in the World” Summit for the slum women project (SWEEP). Using micro-entrepreneurship, mentorship, and leadership training, Rehmah and her team helped 200 young women out of poverty.