Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Gender Equality Scale


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This is your Personal Power tool. It’s an intuitive 3-In-1 tool. It’s fast, fun and easy to use. It’s the right tool at the right time. Use it to become more confident, focused, and successful. Use it to make better decisions. Use it for personal and professional development and for leadership and organizational success. Your success is our success!

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I.)  Use It For Personal Development

RATE YOURSELF: Rate yourself and your relationships including: partner, spouse, kids, teenager, educators, professionals, politicians, and the people you do business with.

USE IT TO: Express your full potential. Reduce conflicts, become more focused, more confident, and more successful.

2.)  Use It For Professional Development

RATE YOUR PEERS, your organization, your clients, customers, vendors and service people.

USE IT AS a situational ethics tool to to reduce conflicts or disruptive behaviors. Use it to become more focused, confident and successful, to work at optimum performance levels, and to express your full potential.

3.) Use It For Leadership & Organizational Success

  • Conflict Resolution
  •  Better Decision-Making
  • Building Teams That Last
  • Aligning Diverse Minds & Cultures

– Grooming and Mentoring Your Organization’s Future Leaders


Alexia Parks is a UN Mentor who mentored the Goldman Sachs/Fortune Most Powerful Woman in the World #1 Award Winner 2014. She is also one of Newsweek’s “50 Who Matter Most on the Internet” and Founder/President of 10TRAITS Leadership LLC. 10TRAITS rapid learning system can be use to boost creativity, innovation and decision-making in any field of human endeavor, including business, politics, the environment, the classroom, and relationships. ASK about 10TRAITS leadership training programs: offered online, on campus, and accredited.

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