G.E.T. Smarter Together 1-Minute Programs

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute

Alexia Parks Presentation Slides (PDF)

10TRAITS™ G.E.T. Smarter Togetherseries of 1-Minute training programs uses a new patent-pending IMAGE-based rapid learning process that instantly transfers knowledge for maximizing personal and workforce potential through a shift of focus from gender to traits and trait-balancing.

Businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and organizations interested in gaining the benefits of gender balance, are invited to collaborate as partners and sponsors in a series of community-wide 1-Minute training programs that include the presentation of, or viewing of ,how to use the Gender Equality Tool™ at home, work, and school.

Applications include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discover/Release Hidden Bias
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Friction-Free Team Building
  • Improved Decision-Making

10TRAITS IMAGE-basedrapid learning process helps users stop for a minute to reflect on the issue at hand and – free of emotions – gain new clarity on how to proceed.

10TRAITS G.E.T. Smarter Together 1-Minute Training Programs are research-based, based on 12 sciences including neurobiology, split-brain research, and evolutionary psychology, and culturally and developmentally appropriate for all ages across all countries.  Training programs are accredited for professional and personal development (2-CEU/Credit) offered by Colorado State University and other accrediting organizations.

As a rapid learning process G.E.T. Smarter Together program offers a series of 1-minute training programs – based on 10TRAITS Gender Equality Tool™ – that promote an improvement in confidence by encouraging each user to take responsibility for their social, emotional and physical well-being in order to achieve their full potential.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the G.E.T. Smarter Together program on learning objectives and student/learner achievement look for an improvement in confidence. Improved confidence is correlated with both academic performance in the classroom and increased innovation and productivity in the workplace.

To learn more contact:

Alexia Parks, Founder, Inventor