Here is a simple, powerful TWO STEP method – that can be used anytime and anywhere and is FREE – to reduce stress in the body.

First, we know that everyone in the world has had some time of trauma, we’re not alone. For example, think of the trauma experienced by the Syrian refugees and other refugees around the world. So consider these two powerful methods that are free of charge, easy to do anytime, any place, anywhere. Remember: the more you do these two steps – by turning them into a daily habit – the better it is.

  • At 10TRAITS Leadership we use Ellen Langer’s Mindfulness techniques. A Harvard professor, Ellen Langer is the “Mother” of Mindfulness. TO START: Focus like a LASER on your body. Become aware, mindful in the deepest sense, of the signals, feedback, and messages your body is sending you. Why? Because Mother Nature is constantly talking to you through your body. – JUST BEING AWARE of it is the real power of mindfulness. Just becoming aware or mindful of it will undercut and lessen a lot of the trauma. The very AWARENESS of it is a powerful tool.


  • Since the BODY is the repository of the trauma, then you should choose some type of “body work” – in the broad sense – for release of the trauma. Massage, rolfing, yoga, aerobic exercise, bicycling, jogging, and walking at aerobic levels will all release this energy through the blood vessels.

Traumas may be big or small. Either way, and they impact the body on a daily basis. So mindfulness and daily “body work” to release trauma should become a DAILY HABIT.


An inspirational speaker and a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, Alexia Parks is also Co-Founder and President of  10TRAITS Leadership Institute. We  offer the ONLY university accredited leadership training program in the world based on 10 traits found in the female brain. 10TRAITS programs are tailored for professionals in business, healthcare, & education. They are based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, called the New Science of the Female Brain.