Dear Alexia,

My friend is facing serious Insomnia, what can she do? She is really suffering. – RK

Dear RK:

What is your friend’s age? If a senior, it could be a natural reduction of melatonin due to aging. Melatonin supplements are sold over the counter in the US. If your friend is not a senior, here are some possible causes:

(1) Too much stress? Too much stress at home? With relationships? Or in the workplace? The FIX: Your friend may want to create a habit of reading something inspirational that relaxes their “thinking” mind before bedtime; or read self-help articles or books for guidance. They can also create simple rituals that automatically relax the mind such as meditation, light yoga stretches,  writing in a journal, or making a “to do” list in order to empty the mind before sleep.

(2) Too much light? If your friend spends too much time on a mobile phone or computer before bedtime, the light from the screen can over stimulate the pineal gland (some people call it “the third eye”) The  FIX: Turn off electronics at least 1-hour before bedtime. Place well-lit digital clocks and other electronics away from the bed. Use an eye-shade to block out any light while she sleeps. Notice where electric outlets, chargers, and transformers are – inside and outside the house – in relation to where the bed is placed.

(3) Buy GABA (500mg). GABA – a natural neurotransmitter – is an amino acid, a natural relaxant, and is the only one of 20 that our body uses that relaxes the muscles and the “thinking mind.” GABA capsules come in a small container that costs about $8 US. Your friend should take one capsule, when insomnia strikes, to relax the mind. In the USA, GABA can be purchased “off the shelf.” In England, I’m told, it requires a doctor’s prescription. I turn to GABA about once a month. It then takes about 20-minutes before I relax again into sleep.

I hope this advice helps. Share good news!

You Mentor, Alexia Parks

An inspirational speaker and a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, Alexia Parks is Founder of Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute10TRAITS programs are tailored for professionals in business, healthcare, & education. They are based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, called the New Science of the Female Brain.