Someone asked the question: “Does meditation have an influence on my microbiome? Yes. Your brain is connected to your GUT via the Vegas Nerve. When you take a moment to put all tasks aside, turn your attention inward, and focus on slow, rhythmic, deep breathing, your Vegas Nerve will carry this positive benefit to your heart and lungs. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The Vegas Nerve will connect your UPSTAIRS brain to your DOWNSTAIRS brain: your GUT.

With mindfulness and meditation comes a benefit digestion and stimulate digestive juices in your stomach (hydrochloric acid), liver (bile), and pancreas (pancreatic acid).  This, in turn, provides a major benefit to the GOOD bacteria – those billions of “employees” who live and work inside your microbiome. They multiply and expand the benefits they bring to your whole body health.

The opposite, of course, is that STRESS, in all its forms and varieties, can shut down your GUT and limit the amount of digestive juices needed for healthy digestion of food.

Meditation and mindfulness are practices we teach in our 10TRAITS Leadership* training programs. Taken together, they are one of 10 natural leadership traits that we teach – based on the Female brain – to help you learn how to lead your BEST life yet!

*An inspirational speaker, and Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, Alexia Parks is also Founder and CEO of  Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute. We offer the ONLY university accredited leadership training programs in the world based on 10 traits found in the female brain. 10TRAITS programs are tailored for professionals in business, healthcare, & education. They are based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, called the New Science of the Female Brain.