Sustainability2020 is a GLOBAL collaboration – a global thinkery – bringing ideas and actions, tools and technology together with images and policies together at the LOCAL level. It takes the untapped power of the human mind and spirit and maps out a path to a world beyond OIL.

A community is a network of skills and talents.What is your key skill or talent that you would like to share?

It takes millions and millions of small incremental actions, developed into HABITS and taken each day, to create smart, green, resilient communities. It takes a global brain – thinking together on behalf of ALL life on Earth to create an energy future that is beneficial to all. Here is an urban Vertical Forest in China which cleans oxygen and also serves as an urban BIRD sanctuary. Here is the way the UK is changing human behavior, one person at a time.

Who are we? Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership is home to the environmental leadership tool. It is designed to be used to guide school children and adults to take money saving, energy smart actions at home. Online, it aggregates data to help guide communities to focus resources, skills and talents on those most in need.

We welcome partnerships with organizations seeking common cause, including, The Women’s March,, and GREEN organizations around the world.

Alexia Parks, a United Nations mentor an expert in Gender Equality, and founder of 10TRAITS Leadership is an author, speaker and futurist. In 1980, as Executive Director of the Energy Conservation Center of Boulder, Colorado, she organized a Community Energy Futures Conference for the city in 1980. It led to the creation of America’s first GREEN building ordinance.  At the time, as a correspondent for the national desk of The Washington Post, and columnist for a nationally syndicated ENERGY HOTLINE column, Alexia Parks focused on green topics and leadership. Her friendship with Denis Hayes, Lester Brown, Dennis Meadows, Hunter Lovins, Gifford Pinchot and others inspired her work. In 19981, she wrote the first Energy Futures Workbook, published by the US Department of Energy. and distributed to mayors via Alexia Parks – called one of Newsweek’s “50 People Who Matter Most on the NET”  (1995) – was the first accredited blogger at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change Conference in BALI (2007). At that conference, she saw leaders take the stage in what may have been their first global event.