Boulder, CO:  The exponential growth of technology demands that not just Google, but the entire tech industry in the U.S. rapidly embrace gender TRAIT balance or fall behind to tech innovators in other countries.

For starters, the biggest mistake anti-diversity”workforce disruptors are making is to underestimate the value of women’s natural skill sets. Science now shows that keys traits found in the female brain just so happen to be the critical “missing link” needed to manage the complexities of the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To accelerate human performance and ultimately corporate profits organizations will need to create a structured, balanced, dynamic synergy between 10 powerful gender based traits found in both men and women.

This corporate culture FIX doesn’t require long term training programs, a team of psychologists, or in depth report. It can be applied immediately using a situational awareness (SA) process – that I refer to as the 10TRAITS directive – that bypasses the traditional defensive stance of  so-called “resistors.” It engages the whole system of an organization at its most vulnerable point.

The most vulnerable point? The lack of respect by some employees of the high value of women’s skill sets. These natural skills, however, just so happen to be exactly what is needed to manage the exponential growth of an organization.

Google is not the only corporation facing this problem. Firing disruptors such as Google’s James Damore offers a temporary, quick-fix “Band-Aid” approach to a long-standing problem in the tech industry. The long-lasting solution is structural and transcends traditional training processes by shifting the focus from gender diversity to balancing gender traits.

When team building and decision making focuses on balancing gender traits, it ignites human acceleration and offers a measurable triple bottom line benefit.

Based on a dozen fields of science – including neurobiology, split-brain research, and both physical and cultural anthropology – the gender trait balance approach shifts the focus from the “problem” to its solution.

Intuitive, this shift of focus transfers the power to resolve conflicts or disruptive behaviors to the personal. It becomes a “personal power” tool for ordinary individuals and for those seeking to advance their career as leaders.

It becomes a game changer for organizations and individuals where ultimately, everyone wins.

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS founder and CEO, has been called “One of 50 people who matter most on the Internet” by Newsweek Magazine (1995). As a United Nations (UN) Mentor (2014) she mentored the young leader who became the #1 Goldman Sachs/Fortune Most Powerful Woman in the World Award Winner. 10TRAITS Human Acceleration Project is a mastery-based learning process that strengthens 10 key skills that leaders possess through a structured program that includes mentorship. Offered online and on-campus, 10TRAITS leadership training is accredited for professional development and university credit.