Day 42:  NASA: The countdown is on! 

What if you attended an event where everyone you met was creating a piece of a Finer Future. Assembled in one room, each person was working on a piece of the DNA of a future world that was designed to work for everyone. All life.

The event I attended last night at Riverside, in Boulder, was buzzing with the excited talk of environmental entrepreneurs. What drove the conversations was a simple question:

What are you doing right now?

The event was a book launch party for futurist Hunter Lovins, a woman who likes her scotch straight, and her spot-on facts five years ahead of the current reality. The book she was signing was offered as a blueprint for a regenerative economy “that avoids collapse and works for people and the planet.”

Hunter is one of 100 people asked to join Governor-elect Jared Polis on his transition team. She invited everyone in the room to submit their resume, and extend the invitation to others, to join a committee to enable the bold thinking it will take to deliver the best results.

The good news is, many of the ideas that will shape a finer future are already on the ground and ready for lift off. The BEST news is that person in charge of the launch is Polis, a highly successful entrepreneur.

I first met Jared Polis in the mid 1990s, when he was still in his 20’s and deep into negotiations for the sale of an electronic greeting card company he had successfully created. Newly graduated from college, Jared had been given a desk and a half-time secretary at his parent’s greeting card company.

Taking greeting cards online was a first. He had found a way to save a world of trees by turning the artwork, envelope and stamp into emailed greetings. The sale would bring him close to a billon dollars and launch a string of successful enterprises. Serving as chair of Colorado’s Education Committee came next, then Jared won the vote to serve the state as a Representative in Congress; now he’s Governor-elect.

The countdown continues.

Alexia Parks is CEO of – 10TRAITS Institute offers 1-Minute conflict resolution tools, research, and trait-based training programs for improved decision-making and organizational success. This blog is Day 43 of a series called Countdown: A 50-Day Personal Leadership Challenge.