Imagine what Gender Diversity would look like in government, politics, business, and the workplace. Imagine leaders in business, economics, politics and the workplace looked like the people they serve. Can gender diversity: 50/50 by 2020 solve a world of problems simply by creating a gender balance in policy and decision-making?

Imagine a world in which men and women work together, creating a balance of power sharing to accelerate creativity, innovation and our rapid evolution to a fair, just, and sustainable world that works for everyone; animals, plants, and things that creep, crawl, and slither along, included!

For a starting point, start at the LOCAL level. Who has a data base of city councils and their gender balance? School boards and their gender balance? What is the gender balance in every state legislature and Congress. Is it 50/50? If not, do the math!

What is the balance point for gender equality in a policy and decision-making committee or board? Think GENDER. Why? Women think differently than men. If the committee, board, council, team, or Congress is out of balance, do the math. How many, of which gender, would it take to equal 50/50. If it is male dominant, then invite MORE women to step into leadership roles, or run for public office. How many, enough to bring it into balance.

Do you see yourself in this role? Stepping out of your comfort zone is a first step toward creating the future you want to see in the world. In other words, becoming a leader offers you a “Be the change you want to see in the world” opportunity. It automatically helps you focus your mind on the role you have chosen. Through this single step alone, you will serve as a role model for others. This is important. When you stand up and speak up, others will notice and be inspired to do the same.

Your ideas, your vision, and your voice – whether large or small – will have a ripple effect. In ways seen and unseen, it will shape policies and decision-making that will lead to a better world.

Women, like The Phoenix, are rising into their true power, in dynamic synergy with good-hearted men. #10TRAITS

Alexia Parks is a futurist, a United Nations Mentor, and Founder of the 10TRAITS Leadership Institute. As an expert on gender equality, Alexia Parks has developed the only science-based program in the world which creates a dynamic synergy between 10 great traits of men and 10 great traits of women, to produce a new, unified, evolutionary model of leadership.