A person’s character is defined by their habits (or lack of habits). When you structure your day with a habit that includes goal setting, and then set up time to  focus on a chosen goal without distraction, you unlock the potential to express yourself fully in the direction you have chosen.
When these chosen, daily habits are linked together, you then discover that you can live the life you’ve always DREAMED of, every day! To change your life, chose to change your daily habits so that they keep you focused on the life you want to live. It’s that simple! So here are some insights that you may find helpful on your journey inward.
1. Conscious breathwork is good. Slowing down the breathing brings many body/mind benefits, including increased mindfulness, good digestion, and stress reduction.
2. Lucid dreaming is good. Using this dream-induced deeply relaxed state as a “discovery” space lets ideas and possibilities arise into your neocortex without judgement. It by-passes the “critic” which wants to judge everything as right or wrong, good or bad. What emerges, arises without judgement in that moment.
3. Yoga nidras rest on lucid dreaming and dream analysis. You are invited to “live your dreams.” 
By contrast, 10TRAITS Leadership development is based on the development of habits that can be informed by a lucid, dream-like state, but not living our dreams. Here’s why: 
Dreams are actually a kaleidoscope of images, emotions, and experiences that have accumulated over a lifetime. They emerge randomly, sometimes comic like, sometimes fearful, and also emerge more often if we have gone to bed thinking about them (a person, place, experience, etc.). When we focus on analyzing these random connections, we give them meaning.
This is the key: while LUCID Dreaming can give us inspirational thoughts and ideas, “living out our dreams” does not bring us a better life. What creates a better life is “choice” and habit formation. We have the ability to imagine the life we want to lead – regardless of circumstances – and then chose to develop a series of habits that, when linked together, create it.
What we recommend in our 10TRAITS Leadership training programs is to use the alpha state – induced through aerobic activity, meditation, and mindfulness – to infuse the body/mind/spirit/emotions with the habits you want to develop.
To discover what habits you already have developed, take a look at your “daily planner” instead of your dreams. That is, take a close look the calendar that organizes your day. How do you spend your day? What key activities and rituals occur daily, and at what time of day? What do you really want to do – to focus on – that often gets pushed to the sidelines, because there “isn’t enough time.”
FOCUS, then just do it!
An inspirational speaker and a Virtual Mentor with the United Nations, Alexia Parks is Founder of Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Institute. It offers the ONLY university accredited leadership training program in the world based on 10 traits found in the female brain. 10TRAITS programs are tailored for professionals in business, healthcare, & education. They are based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, called the New Science of the Female Brain.