Alexia Parks Five-Part Series on The JANUS Effect: What It Is,
 Why It Matters and What We Can Do About It Begins January 23.
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Excerpt: In recent history, America has faced two international crises that offer clear examples of what happens when a bad decision is made by an Alpha male leader. It both cases, the bad decision was reinforced by the people in his inner circle, seemingly without judgment. This is called the “Janus Effect” in psychology and answers the reoccurring question asked by a worried public: “Why are the people in Donald Trump inner circle unable or unwilling to stand up to him and push back with a different decision?”
Alexia Parks is a best-selling author, recognized global expert on gender equality, and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is also a UN Mentor who mentored the #1 Winner of he Goldman Sachs / Fortune Most Powerful Women in the World Summit (2014) and Founder of Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership.  Alexia has appeared as an expert on national, international TV news, in TIME magazine, and formerly wrote for the national desk of The Washington Post. WEB: