FATS, fiber, and protein. Does 25-50% of your diet include fiber? I hope so. If it’s soft, soluble fiber – then it is the BEST food to feed the probiotics in your colon to retune the risk of colon cancer. Insoluble fiber serves as a “broom” for internal housecleaning.

Today, Dr Joel and I had conversations about the aging process and also talked about the importance of getting plenty of OIL and FATS (called lipids) in our daily diet. These include: OMEGA 3 (EPA & DHA) 2 grams a day (which has Vitamin A in it), and the other good oils including OLIVE, avocado, butter, and coconut oil.

One final reminder: It’s ALSO important to make sure you have a minimal 2-EGGS per day because the egg white called albumin has the BEST spectrum of amino acids for collegen production. MAKE SURE that you don’t overcook the egg whites – either soft boiled or poached (not more than 3-4 min maximum). #

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