Alexia Parks, named "one of 50 people who matter most on the Internet" by Newsweek, is an expert on the New Science of the woman’s brain. With a focus on the interface of science, consciousness, technology, and leadership. she uses  40-years of research across a dozen fields of science to empower & motivate women. Her talk: Hardwired to Lead: The 10 Major Traits of Women has been turned into a 13-min MOVIE. “Terrific! Very Powerful.” LISTEN TO 10 TRAITS: InterfaceTalk112013.mp3.

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Alexia Parks, a science journalist, high-tech entrepreneur, and educator has also written for the national desk of The Washington Post. She has enjoyed life at  the leading edge

of change for more than 30 years.  She is the author of 12

books including Hardwired: The 10 Major Traits, and the

Amazon best seller, Parkinomics. A veteran journalist and

Huffington Post blogger, Alexia was the first accredited

blogger for the (2007) United Nations Climate Change

Conference in Bali.

Interview with UK’s Margaret Manning.

Alexia Parks Chautauqua Speakers Series - James Fox, Filmaker, Discovery Channel

Alexia on FOX News Radio Inside Scoop w/ Mark Levine 2-MIN.   FULL Interview 

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In her groundbreaking presentations, both as a keynote speaker and in her 90-minute seminars, science journalist, educator, tech-entrepreneur, and Huffington Post blogger Alexia Parks describes the new science of the woman’s brain. It has been hardwired by evolution, she says, with 10 special traits. These traits just so happen to be exactly the traits that are needed for leadership of today’s complex, volatile, interconnected world.

The 10 Leadership Traits of Women: The Changing Role of Women.

“Wow! THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST TALKS that I have ever attended ( I have been to 100's if not 1000's). Not only was the content excellent, but you are a superb presenter. I loved the way that you interacted with and involved the audience.” Malcolm Fraser, M.D.

“If you had any doubt about why we need parity with women and men in all areas, listen to Alexia Parks. Cynda Collins Arsenault.

This is a message for women. It empowers them. It is also for men who support the causes women are interested in, or who want to learn how to apply these 10 special hardwired feminine traits that are exactly what is needed in leadership today.

This astonishing new finding has been documented by facts drawn from physical and cultural anthropology, split brain function, hormonal research, and modern biology. This novel and unique finding has never been presented before now.


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1.The New Science of a WOMAN’S BRAIN and its 10 HARDWIRED traits empowers women as leaders.

2.The Chart of Opposites shows that the 10 Traits hardwired by evolution in women are exactly the opposite of those hardwired in men.

3.The 80/20 Rule. These hardwired traits make up 80% of the human brain. The other 20% is learned behavior; what we call the neuroplastic brain.

4.Hardwired Differences. It isn’t that men are better than women, or women are better than men. It is simply that a woman’s brain is hardwired differently, to manage different tasks.  It’s important to understand that at times of great stress, it is the hardwired brain that rises to the surface and takes charge.

5.Leadership: These 10 special traits, that only women have, just so happen to be the very traits of a great leader! And, they are exactly the traits urgently needed today to manage the complexities of our interconnected world.

Hardwired, these 10 traits represent a major paradigm shift that once understood, will forever change the way we look at women, politics, relationships, economics, and the workplace.

Men have brought us this far. Now it is time for the hardwired

WOMAN’S BRAIN to lead the way forward.


Throughout my whole life I have been concerned with “Save the World” type issues, in all of their forms and varieties. It has been a lifetime journey, a lifetime quest.

My focus of interest has always included a combination of the environment, entrepreneurship, innovative technology, and communications. I’ve written about these issues in many different books and blogs, as well as created numerous businesses that offered “Save the World” type solutions.

However, the epiphany that I had as I began work on this book, is that it requires a constellation of many fields of human endeavor to address and resolve the many problems of the world, but especially those inequities that women face.

So this book represents a grand synthesis of facts that have been meticulously researched, documented, and pieced together over a 40- year period of scholarship. This grand synthesis, as you will soon discover, forms the basis of a major paradigm shift for humankind.

I am making this prediction, based on a quantum leap in our own thinking. It is a groundbreaking discovery made possible by piecing together significant findings from many different fields of research and science, and then applying them to men, women, and society at large.

This discovery comes from the convergence of many fields including: a knowledge of cultural and physical anthropology, a knowledge of brain function in both men and women, the understanding of the physiology of hormones in both men and women, the psychology of perception in both men and women, and a broad knowledge of cultural studies, world history, and human endeavor.

And, the conclusion is this: That one of the most astonishing discoveries in human history that has been grossly overlooked, until now, is the fact that through the process of evolutionary biology, a woman’s brain has been hardwired for exactly the traits needed today to lead the world!

While this may sound kind of dramatic, you will see by a review of the 10 different hardwired traits of men and women, in the chart found in Part II, that this is true.

In fact, what the chart will show is that the traits hardwired in women are virtually the opposite of those hardwired into men. They are diametrically opposed, and have been so over millions of years.

It isn’t that men are better than women, or women are better than men, it’s simply that their brains are hardwired differently, to manage different tasks.

Now, at this watershed moment in human history, the 10 life-affirming traits that have been hardwired into the brains of  women are urgently needed to help manage the complexities of our interconnected world.