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As a United Nations Mentor I mentored the #1 Award Winner of Goldman Sachs/Fortune 2014 Global Women Leaders Summit. I took the techniques I used with her invented the ONLY 1-STEP Personal Power Tool in the world that’s a universal tool for improving relationships and human performance. It can be used at home, at school and in the workplace, and it’s for everyone! It changes the game so that everyone wins.


It’s INTUITIVE. It’s EASY to use and it’s PATENT-PENDING. It creates a dynamic synergy between 10 powerful traits of men and 10 different, equally powerful traits of women.

It offers INSTANT access, instant results and instant benefits.

Everyone loves it. It can be used in a MILLION different ways. I call it the IPHONE 7 for human relationships. You can use it to:

  • Improve your personal relationships: use it with your family, your friends, your colleagues
  • Use it with the people you do business with in your community or at work
  • Use it to resolve conflicts, reduce disruptive behaviors and to make better decisions

In the classroom, teachers can even use it with students to reduce bullying, and to boost their appreciation and respect for each other. In the workplace it can use used for team building and to align diverse minds across countries, cultures and time zones.

TEAMS and LEADERS can use it to make BETTER decisions.

BUY Your Personal Power Tool HERE:  10TRAITS.org

When we make better decisions everything improves: the world, HUMAN performance, and profits!

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS.com Founder and CEO

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