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10TRAITS: Leadership: Universal Gender Equality Scale™ – “Like a Swiss Army Knife for the Mind.”

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership offers the ONLY evolutionary model of leadership based on creating a dynamic synergy between 10 traits found in the male brain and 10 DIFFERENT traits found in the female brain. 

  • Our 10TRAITS breakthrough training system: shifts the focus from aggressive & competitive to cooperative & collaborative. Sustainably.
    • 10TRAITS Leadership ™ helps you become more confident, successful, and focused.
    • Gamifies Leadership through “brain-mind, whole body training exercises.
    • Use 10TRAITS Universal Gender Equality Scale™ for real time decision-making.
    • Our Daily Performance Metric aligns performance with your passion and purpose.
    • Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership is online, on campus, and accredited.

10TRAITS: Leadership solutions that solve the gender imbalance in decision-making

Keynote – Consulting – Mentoring – Training

50/50 by 2020: 10 Traits Transforming Society and the Workplace

10TRAITS Leadership Development – Online and On-Campus (Boulder/Ojai)

10TRAITS Leadership Development – Career Builder; Relationship Builder; Teams.

Keynote: Lead Your BEST Life From the INSIDE Out

10 Traits Transforming Society and the Workplace.

Choose: 2-CEU, Certificate of Completion, or 2- CREDIT University certification.

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10TRAITS is more than enhancing communication skills and effective leadership, it is also about passion, meaning and purpose. It’s about instantaneous public exposure, inter-disciplinary knowledge, and cross-cultural connections. 

The program is designed to allow for close interaction between participants and rapid iteration; whether through “brain training” exercises, preparing speeches and policy drafts AND through meetings with powerful, effective, change-making leaders in DC.

It’s about leadership. It’s about life. It’s about a greater public good.

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