Ten-Traits-INSTITUTE-Circle-Icon-2015_03What does it take to become the Fortune Magazine Goldman Sach’s #1 Most Powerful Woman in the World?

Ask me. I was the mentor for the #1 Award Winner in 2014. Over the years, I’ve run five businesses and launched two non-profits. I took the tools I used to train this winner and turned them into an accredited leadership development program for women and men called 10TRAITS™.

One of the tools I invented for our rapid learning process is now patent-pending. I’m offering it to your organization at a volume discount. It’s a profit accelerator. Interested?

Intuitive, my Gender Equality Personal Power Tool is both a digital image that exists on a single page and a rapid learning tool. Based on 12 sciences, it offers instant access, instant results and 100+ benefits. Cross-cultural, it creates a dynamic synergy between 10 powerful traits found in the male brain and 10 different, powerful traits found in the female brain that accelerates innovation, productivity and profits.

Use our patent pending tools to rate yourself, to build teams that last, and align diverse minds. In addition, our Decision Category Tool leverages the dynamic synergy of natural gender trait differences between men and women to help leaders make better decisions in times of rapid change.

Constant change is the new dynamic of the global economy. Technology changes very quickly in terms of complexity, rate of change, competition, & organizational dynamics. Typical teams involved in strategic and product decisions lack the foresight and agility that can be gained from Gender Balanced decision teams. 10TRAITS helps organizations rapidly adapt to exponential change.

10TRAITS™ is a game changer for organizations because our rapid learning tools and accredited courses empower everyone – every employee – to express their full potential. Our “Complete Solution” packet includes the tool, a free daily performance measurement app, and a LINK to a workbook, mentoring, and leadership courses for grooming your organization’s future leaders.

Organizations that give employee their own copy of 10TRAITS™ patent-pending Gender Equality Personal Power Tool have a #hiring advantage. They are telling their employees: “Your success is our success.” 10TRAITS™ changes the game so that it works for everyone.

10-BANNERWhen your organization purchases a personal power tool for every employee, we give you a copy of our logo to place on your website. Because our patent pending tools are fast, fun, and easy to use, 10TRAITS intends to become the Gender Equality “GOLD” standard for keeping organizations relevant, resilient and profitable in today’s volatile interconnected world.

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS.com Founder and CEO