Alexia Parks 10TRAITS™ Tool Boosts Performance and Profits


1.) STEP ONE:  

  • Use 10TRAITS™ as your personal power tool.
  • It shows your true power and how to express your full potential.
  • It saves your time and money by offering INSTANT results and benefits.
  • Of $160 Billion spent annually on training programs in the U.S. 80% is wasted.
  • 10TRAITS™creates a dynamic synergy between the BEST male/female traits.
  • Use it to boost your confidence level and make BETTER decisions;
  • Use it to increase productivity, profits and success levels.
  • Reduce Conflicts. Avoid Disruptive Behaviors
  • Groom the NEXT Generation of Leaders



OUR POLICY is that everyone – from the CEO to the secretary – gets their own PERSONAL POWER tool.

Want to BUY NOW? ORDER HERE – You ONLY pay $49/per person – (minimum purchase is 10)


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SAVE MONEY: There are 10 modules in the 10TRAITS online class. We offer a SPECIAL PRICE of $35/each for the 10 module training class when you also purchase the Personal Power Tool. That’s a 30% savings!  Each class includes a mentor-trainer. Each module can be reviewed, as needed, and the license renewed annually.


Each class is self-paced. Participants proceed at their own pace. They proceed to the next module when they have completed the previous one.


3.) STEP THREE: Invite Alexia Parks to SPEAK

After everyone has used the Alexia Parks 10TRAITS™ Tool to rate themselves, Alexia Parks will personally kick off the program for your organization. CHOOSE:  (in person) (video conference) (voice conference).

4.) STEP FOUR:  UPGRADE Your Decision Making Process

UPGRADE: The enterprise Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP)  was created to address the issue of improved decision making in Fortune 50 companies. Now….

Patent-Pending: You can make better decisions and work at optimum performance levels when you incorporate the Alexia Parks 10TRAITS™ Gender Equality Scale into your decision making process. It leverages the dynamic synergy of natural gender trait differences to help leaders make better decisions, faster.



Voice: 303 dot 443 dot 3697


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“I consider Alexia Parks a brilliant thought leader.” Remy Arteaga, Executive Director, Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. *****


“TERRIFIC! Very Powerful.” Bud Sorenson, former President of Babson College, former Acting Dean of the CU-Boulder School of Business. *****


“Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Leadership Training is consistent with the Jean Watson Caring Science.” Jean Watson, Founder of the Jean Watson Caring Science Institute. *****


“The response from participants has been OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE. I’m told that some women were even in tears at the end; some asked ‘When is the next event?” Anne Zonne Parker, Professor, Environmental Studies, Naropa University. *****


ASK about our leadership assessment test. YOU HAVE 10 natural leadership skills & talents that can be strengthened through *BRAIN* training exercises in order to increase your capacity for SUCCESS in any endeavor you choose.


Jean Watson and The Watson Caring Science Institute at the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Center, Colorado State University (Continuing Education) . The 2014 launch of 10 TRAITS Leadership Development Training Programs was supported by The Deming Center at the University of Colorado – Boulder, Naropa University, and Colorado State University.


10TRAITS Global Leadership Training Programs are ONLINE, on campus, and accredited. Invite top-rated speaker, Alexia Parks, creator of the 10TRAITS Gender Equality Scale ™ and NEW Evolutionary Model of Gender Equality and Leadership

The 10TRAITS Transformational Leadership Institute offers exclusive, unique leadership development programs for the next generation of leaders. We offer the ONLY leadership development programs in the world based on creating a dynamic synergy between 10 powerful traits found in the male brain with 10 different, powerful traits found in the female brain. 

Science-based, with a focus on anthropology, neurology, and the neuroplastic brain, we show you how to drive your own body chemistry in any direction you choose in order to strengthen and increase your capacity for success in any endeavor you choose. 

We open up leadership opportunities for those who want to “Go lead something!”

10TRAITS Transformational Leadership Development



The ONLY leadership training program in the world based on:10 Traits Logo

  • Evolutionary Leadership
  • A Dynamic Synergy of 10 TRAITS found in both the male and female brain.
  • FOCUS on accelerating innovation and performance through 10TRAITS Leaders
  • RAPID TRAINING: How to Drive Your Own Body Chemistry for Self Development

Science-based, our 2015 training programs teach you how to drive your own body chemistry in any direction they choose to strengthen and increase your capacity for SUCCESS and to express your full potential. Includes Certificate of Completion. Optional: 2-CEU, or 2-CREDIT.

  1. 10TRAITS Transformational Leadership 2-4 DAY Retreats for women only and (OPEN women/men.
  2. ONLINE  Leadership Development Training Program includes online interaction with mentor-leaders, group discussions, and inspirational speakers. It combines online instruction with practical hands-on exercises and leadership opportunities for application at home or in the workplace. The program includes on-going review of your goals, personal performance metric to measure daily progress, and weekly and monthly group tele seminars and private consultations with mentor leaders. BONUS: on-going access to our online resources and mentor network.

This online system is designed to engage and mobilize a new generation of leaders.  Use it to strengthen your leadership skills or to set and achieve higher goals. Applied it to any field or any endeavor that you choose including personal lifestyle, relationship building, conflict resolution, business, environment, government, education, leadership, and for the global development of women and girls.

Ten-Traits-INSTITUTE-Circle-Icon-2015_0310TRAITS Certification 

Learn how your leadership skills can help transform the workplace and the world. Are you a 10TRAITS corporation? What is the #GenderEquality of your leadership and boardroom? We invite you to bring a team from your organization to one of our training retreats.

10TRAITS Certified logo on your website signifies that your company is a recognized leader in empowering women in the workplace.  In today’s IDEA economy, smart young women and men want to work with a corporation that grooms them for leadership; where the workplace reflects a culture of compassion, caring, and mindfulness. Contact us to learn how you can display our 10TRAITS Certified logo on your corporate website.


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POSTER from the 10 TRAITS launch November 2, 2014. Multi-University sponsorship included Naropa University, Promotion by the University of Colorado-Boulder, Deming Center; and CEU credit from Colorado State U.

Naropa University Sponsors Alexia Parks 10 Traits Leadership Intensive